Republic of Pirates: Build Your Pirate Utopia - Epic Naval Battles & Strategic Diplomacy

Embark on an epic adventure in Republic of Pirates by Crazy Goat Games and PQube. Create a thriving pirate utopia, engage in real-time naval battles, and navigate complex diplomatic relationships. Explore the Caribbean, reclaim your legacy, and dominate the high seas!

General Information

Developer - Crazy Goat Games

Publisher - PQube

Genre - Strategy, Pirates, City Builder, Simulation, Resource Management, Naval Combat, Management

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 19 Jun, 2024

Ahoy, mateys! Ready to set sail and conquer the Caribbean? In "Republic of Pirates," brought to you by Crazy Goat Games and PQube

You get to establish and grow your very own pirate utopia during the thrilling Golden Age of Piracy.

Create a thriving resource-based economy, engage in heart-pounding real-time naval combat, and master the art of diplomacy with rival powers. Navigate the treacherous waters of the Caribbean as you search for the ultimate fortune and glory.

Set sail into the heart of the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy

In "Republic of Pirates," an immersive game by Crazy Goat Games and PQube. This thrilling adventure invites you to establish and grow a pirate utopia, create a resource-based economy, engage in real-time naval combat, and navigate intricate diplomatic relationships with rival powers.

Game Features

Build a Pirate Utopia

Create a thriving settlement from the ground up. Utilize over 100 unique buildings to develop a self-sustaining economy. Invest in production buildings, supply your pirate citizens with luxury goods, and upgrade to more advanced tiers of industry with complex production chains.

Engage in Real-Time Naval Battles

Command a formidable fleet of ships and conquer new territories. Engage in strategic real-time combat with merchant vessels, marauding buccaneers, and powerful ships of the line. Use the tactical map to plan and execute your raids.

Conduct Diplomacy

Establish and manage dynamic relationships with local pirate clans and influential national trading companies. Navigate a complex diplomatic web, forge alliances, and harbor rivalries where every action has consequences.

Expand Your Fleet

Construct eight unique ship classes, including the nimble Brigantine and the formidable Man-of-war. Customize your fleet with emblems and cosmetics, recruit talented captains, and hone their skills in battle to unlock new specializations and combat tactics.

Undertake Missions

Receive orders to attack settlements, collect bounties, and strike trade deals. Race against time to fulfill urgent faction requests and shape your fate by deciding the outcomes of multi-choice story events.

Flexible Gameplay Modes

Choose your adventure in a narrative-driven campaign with over 30 hours of content or customize your experience in freeplay mode. Discover new maps, configure settings, and overcome various challenges to build your legendary pirate utopia.

The Story

At the center of this cutthroat world lies the Republic of Pirates, a powerful league of pirate clans bound by shared ideology, ambitions, and a code of honor. However, prosperity gave way to greed and jealousy, leading to a vicious mutiny and a bloody breakup.

As you reclaim your father's legacy, transform a humble outpost into a sprawling settlement. Utilize the black market to distribute valuable resources, recruit heroic captains, and command a powerful fleet. Liberate islands, defeat rival factions, and navigate complex diplomatic relationships with the global superpowers of the time.

Embark on Your Pirate Adventure

Join the ranks of intrepid freebooters and opportunistic privateers in "Republic of Pirates." Explore exotic locations, uncover hidden treasures, and build your legacy as the most feared and revered pirate in history. Hoist the Jolly Roger and conquer the high seas in this epic pirate adventure!

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