Renaissance Kingdom Wars: Conquer Empires in 1510 | Grand Strategy & RTS Hybrid

Embark on a captivating journey in Renaissance Kingdom Wars, a groundbreaking grand strategy & RTS hybrid by Reverie World Studios. Battle across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East in 1510, from a humble mercenary captain to a crowned King. Experience evolving gameplay, brutal epic battles, and manage your empire in this revolutionary strategy game.

General Information

Developer - Reverie World Studios

Publisher - Reverie World Studios

Genre - Early Access, RPG, Strategy, Grand Strategy, RTS, Real Time Tactics, Wargame

Platform(s) - Steam (PC)

Date Released - Q2 2024

Battle across Europe, Africa and the Middle East in this grand strategy & RTS hybrid. The year is 1510, you are one of hundreds of landless mercenary captains. Earn the rank of lord and rise up through your Kingdom's hierarchy to be crowned King and expand your Empire.

Dive into the rich world of Renaissance Kingdom Wars

A unique blend of grand strategy and real-time gameplay that redefines the genre. Set in the vibrant backdrop of 1510, you begin as a landless mercenary captain, navigating the intricate politics and warfare spanning Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Evolving Gameplay:

Experience the dynamic evolution of gameplay as you progress through the grand campaign. From building your camp of followers to capturing over 500 cities, your journey transforms from managing a town to running a Kingdom and eventually an Empire. Navigate diplomacy, economy, and strategic warfare to rise to the pinnacle of power.

Brutal Epic Battles:

Engage in truly epic battles with thousands of units on all sides. From bloody sieges to pitched field battles and naval warfare, witness historical realism with survival elements. Loot corpses and dismantle towns to replenish resources, immersing yourself in the revolutionary warfare of the Renaissance era.

City Building to Empire Management:

Exercise freedom in managing your realm up-close and personal in RTS mode. Construct buildings, position troops, and oversee city development. Simultaneously, manage your empire on the world map, from engaging in trade and diplomacy to relentless warfare. Experience the scope of the game constantly expanding as you transition from city building to empire management.

Enormous World Map:

Unleash your strategic prowess across greater Europe and beyond, from the sultanates of North Africa to Byzantium, the Russian states, and the Golden Horde. Choose your starting point from three dozen Kingdoms and over 500 towns and hamlets, ensuring a unique gameplay experience each time. Conquer nations, shape history, and write your own Renaissance saga in this unparalleled strategy masterpiece.

renaissance-kingdom-wars renaissance-kingdom-wars renaissance-kingdom-wars

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