Quriocity: Build Your Cosmic Colony - Explore, Survive, and Thrive!

Embark on a sci-fi city builder adventure with Quriocity by Oxeliz Pvt Ltd, now available on Steam. Create humanity's first space colony on an alien planet similar to Earth. Manage resources, explore diverse regions, and face dynamic weather and disasters. Experience 5 unique maps, research technologies, and customize your colony's style. With campaigns, survival, and sandbox modes, test your skills and conquer unpredictable events. Don't miss this full release after a successful Early Access journey!

General Information

Developer - Oxeliz Pvt ltd

Publisher - Oxeliz Pvt ltd

Genre - Simulation, Strategy, City Builder, Base Building, Colony Sim, Sandbox, Management

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 25 Jul, 2023

Available On


Quriocity is a sci-fi city builder game set on a bare alien planet very similar to Earth. Build and upgrade a wide variety of units to extract resources and provide services, such as maintenance, food production, education, entertainment and many more.

Quriocity invites you to take command of the Quriocity 1 mission, leading humanity's journey to establish a multi-planet civilization.

As the leader, you must transform a barren alien planet into a thriving space colony. Build and upgrade a wide variety of units to extract resources and provide essential services such as maintenance, food production, education, and entertainment.

Explore surrounding areas to unlock new regions and expand your colony. Each region offers different resources and opportunities to build structures essential for your colonists' wellness. With a steady flow of new colonists eager to join your colony, ensure their long, happy, and productive lives by providing all they need.

Quriocity offers 5 unique maps, ranging from arid deserts to freezing tundras, each characterized by a distinct environment and peculiar plants. However, be prepared for dynamic weather changes and dangerous disasters that can deal massive damage to your colonies.

Play the way you want with 50 diverse campaign missions, survival mode with varying difficulty levels, or create your dream colony in the sandbox mode. Unpredictable incidents may test even the best strategies, but with the right tools and unit-building, you can overcome fire, infections, thieves, and more.

Research technologies to enhance your colony's efficiency and unlock automation features to focus on vital tasks. Customize your colony with a wide variety of decorations to define your unique style and share your progress with the community through Colony Tour.

Since its Early Access journey, Quriocity has added 5 new bespoke maps, a restriction-free sandbox mode, and new rovers and units to enrich the gaming experience. This well-crafted blend of sci-fi city building and colony management challenges you to conquer harsh conditions, manage resources, and turn small settlements into bountiful metropolises.

Quriocity leaves Early Access on Steam, fully playable in 12 languages, and offers an extensive catalog of decorative items, allowing creative explorers to turn their cosmic colony into Earth 2.0. Prepare to build, explore, survive, and thrive as you journey to humanity's new frontier in this captivating space adventure.

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