Quant by PetRem Labs: Learn Quantum Physics Through Colorful Adventure now on Steam

Embark on a colorful adventure with Quant by PetRem Labs, a game that teaches you Quantum Physics. Join Atom on a quest for independence guided by Professor Svobodan Randov. Learn real-world Quantum effects, enjoy a profound narrative, and immerse yourself in an appeasing atmosphere. Available now on Steam!

General Information

Developer - PetRem Labs

Publisher - PetRem Labs

Genre -2D, Atmospheric, Metroidvania, Colorful, Cute, Mystery, Difficult

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 7 Apr, 2023

Available On


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Quant is a colorful adventure game, that will teach you Quantum Physics! Follow Atom, in the quest for independence. Guided by Professor Svobodan Randov, he will uncover his Quantum powers, and free himself from the oppressing world!

Quant by PetRem Labs is an immersive adventure game on Steam that takes you on a colorful journey into the world of Quantum Physics.

Follow Atom as he seeks independence with the guidance of Professor Svobodan Randov. Uncover your Quantum powers, learn real-world Quantum effects, and break free from the oppressing world.

With endearing characters, a profound narrative, and an appeasing atmosphere, this game is perfect for geeky Physicists and anyone seeking a fantastic journey. Get ready to leap into a quantum experience like no other!

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