Prehistoric Hunt by Antiproto Studios Now on Steam

Dive into intense dinosaur hunting adventures with your friends. Complete hunting contracts for Preton Corporation. Gather rewards, improve your equipment and become a master hunter. Don't end up being hunted.

General Information

Developer - Antiproto Studios

Publisher - Antiproto Studios

Genre - Early Access, Dinosaurs, Hunting, Exploration, FPS, Open World, Immersive Sim

Platform(s) - PC, Steam

Date Released - 1 Dec, 2020

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Prehistoric Hunt is the multiplayer dinosaur hunting game you have been waiting for. Join your friends on memorable hunting trips or go solo. And remember to be careful as the hunted creatures can hunt you too!



Prehistoric Hunt is played on a large island. The island is inhabited by different kinds of dinosaur species. The terrain of the island varies from high mountains to dense forests and open plains.


Many very different dinosaur species live on the island. Some are calmer herbivores and others more aggressive carnivores. Some species also like to live in herds making finding more of them easier. Carnivores may end up eating some of the herbivores. All of the dinosaurs can be a danger to the hunter. Beware of their keen senses!


Players can utilize multiple different weapons in their hunting adventure. Hunting can be done with traditional firearms but there is also an option to use tranquilizers. Some weapons have more firepower, some are quicker to handle. Players start of their hunting with a basic hunting rifle and pistol.

When players complete more hunting assignments they get access to more powerful weapons. Players will also have to take into account the shooting distance to target as the bullets start to drop on longer distances. The bullets also don't last forever.

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