Ronin Geek Official Podcast is a Canadian Geek-News Show

With a comedic twist, covering major general interest news topics from the worlds of Gaming, Movies, TV, Role-Playing and Geek Pop Culture.

Ronin Geek Official

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People - Alex Austin and Rob

Produced by - Alex Austin and Rob

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We guarantee you will get your news and a laugh out of each weekly episode!

**The Podcast is NSFW and not intended for audiences under the age of 18!**

We are also very active in social media with fresh meme content almost daily, and we post up original written content on our website,

You can also find us on YouTube, however, we will be launching video content in a bigger way on our Facebook in the near future!

We hope you have a listen to the Pod and follow us on FB, and thanks for your support!

— Alex Austin, Creator and Co-Host of RGOP

ronin-geek podcast
ronin-geek podcast
ronin-geek podcast
ronin-geek podcast