Lost Context Podcast

The boys of the Lost Context Podcast have donned their hats and are setting out on an original Dungeons and Dragons adventure, in a magic western world filled with cowboys, vampires, and orcs.

Coast to Coast Nerds

General Information

Played and Performed - Tim Demeuse, Brian Bridges, Chris Riley, and Wes Sullivan

Produced - Brian Bridges

Music and Sound - Brian Bridges

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This show offers original storytelling, improvisation, music, and comedy.

General Information

Played and performed by Tim Demeuse, Brian Bridges, Chris Riley, and Wes Sullivan

Produced by Brian Bridges with music and sound also by Brian Bridges

It can be found on podcast services everywhere including iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, as well as at https://lcpdnd.podbean.com

LCP DnD is an actual play Table Top RPG podcast set in a fantasy version of the Old West using the the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition rule system that constantly straddles the line between comedy and action and it's played by the hosts of The Lost Context Podcast.

The Story:

LCP DnD is styled like a gritty crime procedural in vein of Law and Order and The X Files mixed with over the top shoot outs like an 80s/90s action movie. It centers around a pair of special agents tasked with investigating crimes of a magical nature, but before too long it becomes clear that this isn't like any case they've encountered before.