Garblag Games a DND podcast by Pete Lattimore and friends.

Garblag Games is a team of seasoned British roleplayers who are dedicated to creating roleplaying actual play videos and podcasts as well as interesting worlds and maps for various systems.

Coast to Coast Nerds

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Players - Adam, Colin, Jim, Jon, Kevin, Lawrence, Paul, Roger, Sam, Shan, Simon, Simon

Produced - Pete Lattimore

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Not confined to one system Garblag Games have produced campaigns using Dungeons & Dragons, Traveller, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Mage the Ascension and most recently Zweihander RPG.

Dice of Might

Our awesome patrons have enabled us to improve our recording space and slowly improve the quality of the show. We reward them with behind the scenes videos, unique rpg content, cool maps and mini adventure modules. On top of all this every patron gets a personalised dungeon-themed name plate!

Dice of Might