Pocket Bravery: Neo Geo-Inspired Fighter by Statera Studio | Available on Steam

Experience the nostalgia of classic 90's fighting games with 'Pocket Bravery' by Statera Studio and PQube. This modern fighting game with a retro twist draws inspiration from titles like Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, and The King of Fighters, all while capturing the iconic 'Neo Geo Pocket' aesthetic.

General Information

Developer - Statera Studio

Publisher - PQube

Genre - Fighting, Competitive, Multiplayer, Pixel Graphics, eSports, 2D Fighter, Story Rich

Platform(s) - PC ( Steam )

Date Released - 31 Aug, 2023

Available On


Inspired by classic fighting games from the 90's such as Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters, 'Pocket Bravery' channels the 'Neo Geo Pocket' aesthetic for a modern fighting game with a retro twist!

Step into the world of 'Pocket Bravery,' a homage to the golden era of 90's fighting games, now available on Steam.

Developed by Statera Studio in collaboration with PQube, this game seamlessly marries the charm of classic titles like Street Fighter and Fatal Fury with a modern twist, capturing the essence of the 'Neo Geo Pocket' era.

Choose Your Fighter:

With a diverse roster of 12 unique characters, each possessing their own abilities and play styles, 'Pocket Bravery' offers a variety of combat experiences. Whether you're a fan of swift strikes or strategic grapples, there's a character to suit your style.

Local and Online Multiplayer:

Engage in thrilling head-to-head battles with opponents worldwide, thanks to the ultra-low latency rollback netcode for seamless online multiplayer. Alternatively, challenge your friends locally for intense gaming sessions.

Master the Elements:

Dive deep into the game's elemental-based combat system, where 'Ichor' energy bestows unique blessings upon each character. Master the elements to unlock new offensive and defensive strategies, adding depth and strategy to your fights.

Unleash Screen-Filling Ultimate Attacks:

Charge up your ultimate attack and dominate the battlefield with awe-inspiring screen-filling maneuvers. Each character boasts their own powerful finishing move, adding excitement to every match.

Accessibility and Depth:

'Pocket Bravery' is designed to welcome both seasoned fighters and newcomers to the genre. The gameplay is dynamic and responsive, emphasizing smooth character animations for fluid matches. The pixel art visuals, encompassing characters, scenery, and interfaces, burst with vibrant colors, delivering a visually captivating experience.

Game Mechanics:

With four action buttons, including two for punches and two for kicks, along with features like running, dashing, fast recovery, and various jump types, 'Pocket Bravery' offers a comprehensive array of fighting techniques. Explore specials, super specials, super cancels, and original mechanics to craft your unique fighting style.

Immerse yourself in the world of 'Pocket Bravery,' a love letter to classic fighting games, and test your skills in this modern take on a retro-inspired genre.

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