The Ping-O-Tronic
Video game console produced by Zanussi

General Information

Developer - Zanussi

Publisher - Sèleco

Release - 1974

Platform - Ping-o-tronic

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Ping-o-Tronic Games

Sèleco the publisher of the Ping-o- tronic was an Italian furniture company, and released under the Sèleco brand in late 1974.

It was the first Italian video game console, excluding Magnavox Odyssey imports and clones. It came in an orange and white plastic container with a paddles housing.

Usable games are only three similar ones: Pong, Squash/Solo and Automatic/Attract. We are not able to track down screen shots of these games. Automatic/Attract was the only game that did not require players and was used by stores to display the game without having anyone play it

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