Parkitect: Deluxe Edition - Ultimate Theme Park Builder & Management Game by BlitWorks & Texel Raptor

Discover Parkitect: Deluxe Edition by BlitWorks & Texel Raptor! Build and manage the theme park of your dreams with over 70 rides, immersive themes, and a challenging campaign. Includes 'Taste of Adventure' and 'Booms and Blooms' DLCs.

General Information

Developer - Texel Raptor

Publisher - Texel Raptor

Genre - Relaxing, Level Editor, Family Friendly, Management, Building, Simulation, Sandbox

Platform(s) - PC (Steam), PS4/PS5, Xbox

Date Released - 29 Nov, 2018

Welcome to Parkitect: Deluxe Edition, the ultimate modern take on the classic park tycoon games!

Dive into the world of theme park management and construction, where your creativity is the only limit.

Whether you're a seasoned tycoon or a newbie, Parkitect lets you build and manage the theme park of your dreams with unparalleled detail and customization.

Welcome to Parkitect: Deluxe Edition

The ultimate theme park building and management game by BlitWorks and Texel Raptor. This modern take on classic park tycoon games allows you to construct and manage the theme parks of your dreams with unparalleled detail and customization.

Key Features:

Design Your Dream Park: Create the perfect park for your guests by deforming terrain, placing water features, and building structures. With a vast selection of decorative objects from various themes, you can design your park however you want.

Build Thrilling Rides: Top off your park with your very own roller coasters. Design them yourself or choose from a variety of exciting pre-made designs. With over 70 types of popular theme park rides, including spinning, looping, launching, and flying coasters, you'll always have something new to surprise your guests.

Immersive Experience: Every tile matters in Parkitect's huge maps. Whether you envision an adventure park or a fantasy land, the only limit is your imagination. From placing each flower pot to designing massive roller coasters, you decide the depth of your journey.

Management Challenges: Building is only half the challenge! Keep an eye on your finances and guest satisfaction to stay on top. For the first time in a theme park game, the "behind the scenes" parts of your park have a significant impact. Route resources to your shops without annoying your guests and keep staff areas out of sight for the perfect immersive experience.

Challenging Campaign: Test your theme park management and coaster designing skills through a challenging campaign with 36 unique scenarios. Use the landscape generator to create your own unique settings quickly, or explore your creativity in sandbox mode.

Complete Edition: Parkitect: Deluxe Edition includes the "Taste of Adventure" and "Booms and Blooms" DLCs, offering even more content and excitement.

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