Unravel Secrets in Orten Was The Case: A Time Loop Adventure Game

Embark on a captivating journey with Ziggy in 'Orten Was The Case,' a unique time-loop adventure by Woodhill Interactive. Navigate a fictional Swedish neighborhood, solve mysteries, and unveil a sinister plot that threatens the world. Explore the beautiful hand-painted world, where knowledge is your power to break free from the time loop.

General Information

Developer - Woodhill Interactive

Publisher - Woodhill Interactive

Genre - Action-Adventure, Exploration, Metroidvania, Roguelite, Detective, Puzzle, 2.5D

Platform(s) - PC ( Steam )

Date Released - 29 Nov, 2023

Available On


Orten Was The Case - A free movement puzzle/adventure game where you play as a youngster stuck in a time loop with the simple task of saving the world from literal destruction.

The Enigmatic Time Loop

In "Orten Was The Case," assume the role of Ziggy, an unexpected hero thrust into a perplexing situation. Waking up in Orten with a mysterious mark on his hand, Ziggy discovers he's trapped in a time loop. The peaceful suburb conceals more than meets the eye, and Ziggy must unravel the mysteries behind the repeating day to prevent impending catastrophe.

Unveil the Secrets of Orten:

Explore the fictional Swedish neighborhood of Orten, where not everything is as it seems. Ziggy, devoid of shoes and memories, embarks on a mission to thwart the impending destruction. However, the more he delves into the secrets hidden within Orten's streets, the stranger his neighbors become. Rely on your friends and your sharp intellect to navigate a world filled with peculiarities.

Knowledge as the Key:

In a world stuck in a time loop, knowledge becomes your most valuable asset. Each iteration of the loop provides Ziggy with new insights, clues, and notes that contribute to progressing the story. With this unique time loop mechanic, players retain information, ultimately discovering how to alter the course of events in just 12 minutes on an ordinary Sunday.

A Visual Masterpiece:

"Orten Was The Case" presents a visually stunning and distinctive art style. The game features a fully hand-painted aesthetic with a 2.5D design, immersing players in a living painting. As you traverse the town, witness the beauty of the unique art style that adds an extra layer of curiosity to the already intriguing narrative.

Immersive 2.5D Design:

Step into the visually captivating world of Orten, where the 2.5D design brings depth and dimension to the hand-painted landscapes. The town comes alive as you navigate its streets, providing a sense of immersion like no other. The combination of artistry and design creates a beautiful and unique environment for players to explore.

Break the Loop, Save the World:

Orten is at the center of a mystery that Ziggy must unravel. Can you break free from the time loop, gather the knowledge needed, and alter the course of fate? Immerse yourself in the picturesque and enigmatic world of "Orten Was The Case" and become the hero who holds the key to preventing a catastrophic event from unfolding.

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