Operation Valor: Tactical Multiplayer Shooter | One Dawn Studios, LLC.

Dive into intense 27 vs 27 combat in Operation Valor, a tactical top-down multiplayer shooter. Command your squad, build bases, and engage in strategic battles. Experience the thrill of large-scale warfare with unique roles, diverse maps, and team-specific weapons.

General Information

Developer - One Dawn Studios, LLC.

Publisher - One Dawn Studios, LLC.

Genre - Top-Down Shooter, Multiplayer, Action, Tactical, PvP, PvE, Shooter

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 19 Oct, 2023

Available On


Operation Valor is a tactical top-down multiplayer shooter that provides large scale combined-arms combat through base building and teamwork.

Join the Battlefront

In Operation Valor, the battlefield isn't just a place for individual heroics; it's a theater of teamwork and strategy. Engage in gripping 27 vs 27 multiplayer battles where every player's role matters. Whether you're a Squad Leader, Rifleman, Medic, Support, Marksman, Demolition, or Engineer, your unique skills and equipment are vital for your team's success.

Strategic Base Building:

Success on the battlefield isn't just about marksmanship; it's also about smart base building. Operation Valor integrates real-time strategy elements, allowing players to construct forward operating bases strategically. From defensive structures to offensive buildings, your decisions impact the flow of battle. Coordinate with your teammates, manage resources, and fortify your positions to gain the upper hand.

Resource Management and Logistics:

In the chaos of war, resources are as crucial as firepower. Manage logistics vehicles, ensuring they carry both construction points and ammunition. Construction points empower Squad Leaders to place vital structures, shaping the battlefield to your advantage. Gather ammo to keep your soldiers supplied, and plan your moves wisely. Efficient resource management can turn the tide of battle.

Varied Arsenal and Specializations:

Choose your role and arm yourself accordingly. Each class offers distinct weaponry and equipment, from mines and satchel charges to RPGs and medic bags. Specializations like repair wrenches add depth, allowing engineers to fortify bases and keep vehicles operational. Adapt your loadout to the evolving needs of the battlefield, and be prepared for any challenge that comes your way.

Compete and Climb:

Operation Valor brings the competitive spirit to the forefront. Track your performance with detailed stats and climb the leaderboards. Showcase your strategic prowess, accurate shooting, and teamwork as you vie for the top spots.

Release Features:

Diverse Battlefields:

Immerse yourself in at least three meticulously designed maps, each offering unique tactical opportunities.


Utilize construction points to create defensive and offensive structures, shaping the battlefield according to your strategy.

Vehicle Warfare:

Commandeer light vehicles like MRAPs and Logistic Trucks, adding mobility and firepower to your squad.

Specialized Weaponry:

Access team-specific and class-specific weapons, from deadly mines and satchel charges to powerful RPGs and life-saving medic bags.

Stats and Leaderboards:

Monitor your progress with detailed statistics and compete on leaderboards to prove your skills.

Prepare for the ultimate test of tactical prowess and teamwork. Operation Valor awaits, where every decision you make shapes the outcome of the battle. Are you ready to lead your squad to victory? Join the fight now and experience the thrill of large-scale combat like never before!

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