Magnavox Odyssey 4000 (Model 7511) dedicated console

General Information

Developer - Magnavox

Publisher - Magnavox

Release - 1977

Platform - Odyssey 4000

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Odyssey 4000
Odyssey 4000

Magnavox concluded their line of dedicated video game consoles with the Odyssey 4000.

The Odyssey 4000 (Model 7511) dedicated console was released in 1977. Based around the AY-3-8600 single-chip design, the 4000 features a total of seven games (Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Knockout, Tank, and Helicopter) that with variations can be expanded to twenty-four different gaming experiences.

The unit allows up to four players and includes a Practice mode for solo-play against the computer. As with the 3000, the 4000 offers a skill switch for novice, semi-pro, and professional skill levels.

Additional features include automatic serve, variable ball speeds, and a pause button.[4]:24-25 Unlike the Odyssey 3000, the 4000 featured detachable joysticks. The AY-3-8615 chip enabled the Odyssey 4000 to display color instead of black and white graphics. The 4000 is powered by an included AC adapter.

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