Embark on an Epic Metroidvania Adventure in Noreya: The Gold Project - Choose Your Destiny!

Explore Noreya: The Gold Project, a captivating 2D pixel-art metroidvania. Pledge allegiance to the Gods of Light or Gold, make impactful choices, and uncover hidden secrets in a dark fantasy universe. Play now for an unforgettable gaming experience!

General Information

Developer - Dreamirl

Publisher - PixelHeart

Genre - Metroidvania, Puzzle Platformer, Dark Fantasy, Pixel Graphics, Exploration, Platformer, Female Protagonist

Platform(s) - PC / Mac / Linux / PS4 / PS5 / Switch / Xbox one / XBox Series

Date Released - 21 Jun, 2024

Welcome to the enthralling world of Noreya: The Gold Project

A stunning metroidvania game brought to you by Dreamirl and PixelHeart. Immerse yourself in a high-paced adventure where divine forces clash, and every decision matters. Will you choose the path of Corrupting Gold or the purity of Light to achieve your destiny?

In this epic journey, you'll navigate intricate levels, battle formidable enemies, and uncover hidden secrets. The fate of Noreya rests in your hands as you decide between two powerful forces. Each choice you make will shape the world around you and determine your ultimate success.

Noreya: The Gold Project by Dreamirl and PixelHeart invites you into a frenetic metroidvania adventure

Set in a dark fantasy universe, this 2D pixel-art game offers players the unique choice of aligning with either the Gods of Light and Shadow or the Gods of Corruption and Gold, each path drastically altering your journey and the world around you.

Game Features:

Meticulously Crafted Pixel Art: Immerse yourself in a beautifully designed world with stunning pixel art that enhances every aspect of the game.

Dual Persistent Worlds: Experience two unique worlds that evolve based on your chosen allegiance – the Path of Gold or the Path of Light.

Extensive Skill Tree: Unlock and master over 50 abilities, tailoring your gameplay to your chosen path and playstyle.

Challenging Boss Battles: Face 12 memorable bosses in any order, each offering a unique and challenging combat experience.

Diverse Monsters: Battle over 25 unique monsters, each with innovative gameplay mechanics.

Smooth Platforming and Combat: Enjoy easy-to-play, hard-to-master controls, smooth platforming, and pixel-perfect combat.

Multiple Endings: Discover several possible endings, each shaped by your choices and actions throughout the game.

Original Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in an epic soundtrack by Sarys and Xavier Dang (MisterMV) that evolves with your allegiance.

Non-Linear Exploration: Discover a non-linear map that allows you to explore the world of Noreya at your own pace.


In the land of Noreya, seven deities shaped the world, each gaining power from the worship and servitude of their followers. Lemia, once the realm of the Goddess of Light, now suffers under the rule of Salluste, the God of Avarice. Kali, a fighter who has lost everything to the gods, embarks on a quest to challenge Salluste and uncover the truth behind his corrupt reign.

Gameplay Mechanics:

Decisions in Noreya: The Gold Project are crucial, altering your progression by changing available paths and abilities. Align with the Goddess of Light for purity and strength or the God of Gold for power and corruption. Alternatively, play double duty, balancing both paths but missing out on the most potent spells. Each path offers unique challenges, secrets, and rewards, ensuring no two playthroughs are the same.

Unique World Dynamics:

As you switch allegiances, the world of Noreya transforms. The Golden World morphs into the Light World and vice versa, revealing new areas to explore while closing off others. Discover hidden artifacts and exclusive bonuses as you navigate this ever-changing landscape.

Inclusive Design:

In consideration of arachnophobic players, the game has thoughtfully replaced spiders with alternative creatures, ensuring everyone can enjoy the underground environments without fear.

Join the Adventure:

Embark on your journey in Noreya: The Gold Project today. Explore the City of Gold, confront shadowy creatures, and make choices that will shape your destiny. With an evolving soundtrack, dynamic gameplay, and a rich, immersive storyline, this game promises an unforgettable experience.

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