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My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero by Xinyuan Studio

My hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is an officially licensed action RPG made by veteran game developer Xinyuan Studio.

General Information

Developer - Xinyuan Studio

Publisher - A Plus Japan

Release - 19th of May

Platform(s) - IOS Android

Number of Players - Multiplayer

Genre - A 3D Action RPG based on a Japanese Manga

Players can collect all the anime’s beloved heroes and recruit them into three-person squads. Mix and match your teammates and skills to best utilize their “Quirks” in battle. Level up your heroes, decorate your dorms, and venture through original scenarios in this fully 3D adventure offering the most immersive My Hero Academia experience yet!

— Fully 3D visuals capture the stylized look of the original animation
The city scenery, buildings, and street views are all beautifully realized in full 3D. Explore the city with full 360° camera control, allowing you to appreciate the world of My Hero Academia like never before!

— Unique combat system that delivers intense, team-based battles
Players can collect and recruit beloved heroes to form special squads of three. Mix and match your favorite characters to create the team of your dreams!

— Original scenarios and a skill system derived from animation
Relive the series’ most epic battles as well as a host of original scenarios! The skill system allows each character to utilize their trademark “Quirks” in combat, ensuring that each encounter feels true to the original series..

— Team up with your friends, or compete against your rivals

Players from different servers can freely compete for resources and equipment in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero’s PvP mode. Play alone, or gather up friends for intense online co-op quests!

—Rich simulations bring each aspects of the My Hero Academia world to life

Besides the exciting combat, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero provides a detailed look at the Hero Academia world. Train your characters at the gym, choose what to feed them, and decorate their dorms. Make the My Hero Academia world your own!

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