Murtop by hiulit and Flynn's Arcade out Now

Get ready for a blast from the past with Murtop, a fast-paced arcade game that feels straight out of the 80s. Do you have what it takes to beat it?

General Information

Developer - hiulit

Publisher - Flynn's Arcade

Genre - Violent, Visual Novel, Comedy, Immersive Sim, Drama, Simulation, Choices Matter

Platform(s) - PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch

Date Released - 18 May, 2023

Social Media

Murtop is fast-paced arcade game packed with action, as if it was taken out directly from the 80's. Do you have enough coins to beat it?

Get ready for a retro arcade adventure with Murtop! Help Murti save the world from carrot-hungry moles using her bomb-pooping skills.

With 256 time-limited single-screen stages and a kill screen, can you beat the game before time runs out? Every five stages, you'll unlock a bonus stage and even a secret bonus stage.

Enjoy five fast-paced chiptune tracks while competing on the local high scores leaderboard. Optimized for arcade cabinet machines, Murtop features a vertical screen with beautiful bezels and pixel-perfect scaling.

Experience the authentic arcade feel with a CRT filter and an attract mode. Rotate the screen to TATE mode to play the game as it was meant to be played. Get ready for lots and lots of explosions in this action-packed game!

murtop murtop

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