Murder Mystery Machine by Blazing Griffin

Murder Mystery Machine is inspired by modern detective dramas


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Developer - Blazing Griffin

Publisher - Blazing Griffin

Release - Out Now

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Apple Arcade

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A politician murdered in his home, a detective with baggage and a rookie with a hidden purpose...

Join detectives Cassandra Clarke and Nate Houston as they investigate a simple murder that soon entwines the two into a complex, interconnected series of crimes that's anything but an open-and-shut-case.

Murder Mystery Machine is a compelling episodic interactive mystery game that crosses narrative with unique new puzzle-solving and deduction gameplay.

As the player you must take on the mindset of a detective as you investigate intricately cratered crime scenes where you will need all your skills of investigation and deduction to link evidence, find clues and interrogate suspects.

How high does it go and what will they do to find out?


Deduction Mind Map

Deduce, solve, accuse. Every piece of evidence you find will make up your detective workspace. It's there that you must use your deduction skills to create your story of events as you connect a complex web of suspects and motives.

A Mystery To Uncover

Uncover a mystery that crosses each crime with a web of connections that spans the entire city

Modern Noir Style

Enter a modern noir world where scenes are lit with a neon glow and explore unique atmospheric scenes populated with stylised characters to enhance the wider mystery of the game