Magnavox Odyssey Games

General Information

Developer - Magnavox

Publisher - Magnavox

Release - 1972

Magnavox Odyssey wipeout

A racing game using both a track overlay and a game board; the game board keeps track of laps and the second player's dot along with the ball dot keeps time

"Player Spot One, the Driver, races around while the other player spot sits perched on that left icon which looks like a clock. While The Driver follows the convoluted path of the Ɯberlay track, Player Two, The Timer, is hitting the reset button on the Driver's controller to send the Ball Spot from the right side to the left side to bounce off the Player Spot on the clock icon. This oscillating Ball Spot acts as a "timer" for Player One's race around the track. For every oscillation, Player Two subtracts a "lap" from Player One's lap count, which starts at 30. The idea is to get around the track before the lap total evaporates entirely.

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