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Magnavox Odyssey Games

General Information

Developer - Magnavox

Publisher - Magnavox

Release - Sold separately (1973)

Magnavox Odyssey Brain Wave

Brain Wave is one of four add-on games released for the Odyssey in 1973. It works with game card #3 originally supplied with the system, and is played both on-screen and on the included game board.

The goal is to build a "train of thought" across the game board, blocking the other player's path. The thought tiles required for this can be bought by points earned in the on-screen part of the game. There, the defending player rolls his dice to decide how many fields he may move his spot through maze. The attacking player then tries to serve the ball with such a trajectory that it hits the defender. If the defender is in a spot where he is easier to hit, the attacker gains less points.

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