Retro Classic Magnavox Odyssey

The First Baseball Game ever made
on the Magnavox Odyssey gaming console

This Baseball game was released in 1972 it was sold separately to the gaming console and works by Two players using a combination of on-screen movement, dice, and play cards to simulate a game of baseball.

General Information

Title - Baseball

Developer - Magnavox

Publisher - Magnavox

Genre - Sports

Release - 1972

The First Baseball Game ever made<br/> on the Magnavox Odyssey gaming console

But, as usual with the Odyssey, the gameplay is limited. It's still: player 1 tries to throw ball past player 2, player 2 tries to intercept it and throw back ball past player 1. Another "tennis" variation in fact.

Fortunately, a nice colorful plastic overlay is here to help you think you are actually playing a baseball game. Rules are also quite advanced for an Odyssey game with many subtilities.

Extract from Chronogamer's review: "There are cards you can draw under certain conditions to indicate that an error, wild pitch, or pick-off has occurred. The pick-off is neat because if a batter draws it he can save it until later when he's pitching and use it when he sees fit. A batter can also choose to bunt, or to make a sacrifice fly. You can even have pinch hitters and relief pitchers."