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Showdown in 2100 A.D.: Classic Western Shootout Game on Magnavox Odyssey 2

Step into the Wild West of 2100 A.D. with Showdown on the Magnavox Odyssey 2.

Learn how to play, take on android gunfighters, and aim for victory in this retro gaming experience from 1979.

Showdown in 2100 A.D.

General Information

Developer - Magnavox

Publisher - Magnavox

Release - January 1, 1979

Platform - Magnavox Odyssey 2

Genre - Shooter

Number of players - 1P / 2P (alternating )

Showdown in 2100 A.D.

Experience the Wild West of the Future in Showdown in 2100 A.D.!

A Digital Frontier:

Travel back to January 1, 1979, when Magnavox introduced gamers to the futuristic world of Showdown in 2100 A.D. This classic game for the Magnavox Odyssey 2 offers a taste of the Old West like never before, where technology meets frontier spirit.

Get Ready to Draw:

Press 1 on the alpha-numeric keyboard, and suddenly, an authentic acre of the Old West appears on your screen. But you're not alone. Two android gunfighters stand in your way. The left-hand control is your key to the gunfighter on the left, while the right-hand control activates the one on the right.

Master the Controls:

To navigate the digital desert, push the joystick forward to make your gunfighter swagger to the top of the screen, and pull it toward you to walk him to the bottom. Push right to go right, and push left to go left. When it's time to shoot, press the action button to draw and fire. Each gunfighter carries six bullets in his revolver, and the ammunition counter at the screen's base keeps you informed.

Aim True, Shoot Fast:

Your mission is to be the first player to score ten hits and win the round. Ricochets off trees and the screen's edges count as hits, adding an element of strategy to your shots. Can you master the art of aiming for maximum impact?

Reload and Outsmart:

Reloading is a crucial skill. Each gunfighter hides ammunition matching the color of his outfit in a nearby tree. Touch the tree to reload at any time, but beware—accuracy is key. If you're not right up against the tree, your bullet may hit the trunk and bounce back.

Challenge the Computer:

Play Showdown solo and take on the computer, which will automatically control the other gunfighter. Or, let the computer play itself if you prefer a spectator experience. After each ten-point series, the computer resets for a new showdown, ensuring endless Wild West fun.

Relive the retro excitement of Showdown in 2100 A.D., where frontier adventure meets futuristic technology. Can you outdraw and outshoot your android opponents in this classic Magnavox Odyssey 2 game from 1979?

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