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Power Lords: Odyssey 2 Game (1983) - Defend Volcan Rock from Space Serpents

Experience the classic Odyssey 2 game, Power Lords, released in 1983.

Fly a space sled, battle evil minions, and save Volcan Rock! Learn about gameplay, scoring, and high scores.

Power Lords

General Information

Developer - Magnavox

Publisher - Magnavox

Release - January 1, 1983

Platform - Magnavox Odyssey 2

Genre - Shooter

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Power Lords

Step back in time to 1983 with Power Lords, an iconic game released by Magnavox for the Odyssey 2 console.

This thrilling adventure is based on the popular toy line of the same name from the 1980s.

As you begin your journey, press 1 on the keyboard to enter the world of Power Lords. You find yourself on Volcan Rock, an artificial planetoid under siege by menacing foes, including a laser-eyed space serpent and other minions of the evil Extra-Terrestrial Alliance.

To navigate this perilous terrain, you'll use the joystick on the right-hand control to pilot your space sled. Be ready to press the action button to unleash your lasers and defend against the relentless threats. Keep in mind that your space sled is vulnerable to destruction from falling lava, rocks, contact with the space serpent's body, or a blast from its laser eyes.

The Extra-Terrestrial Alliance, represented by Gryptogg, Raygoth, and Arkus, will periodically open doors in the volcano to fire a gravitational ray at you. Your score is your lifeline in this game, as the stronger the artificial gravity fields become, the more likely you are to meet your doom. Skillfully aim your lasers to stun the space serpent and eliminate falling rocks. You can also thwart the gravitational ray by blasting the door in the volcano.

In Power Lords, your performance is rewarded with points:

Blasting lava during a volcanic eruption: 3 points

Stunning the space serpent: 15 points

Hitting an open door: 45 points

Destroying lava rock: 75 points

Surviving a volcanic eruption: 1000 points

Keep an eye on your score, displayed at the lower right of your screen, and aim to reach the top of the high score list, which appears at the lower left. If you achieve a high score, you'll have the opportunity to leave your initials and immortalize your achievement on the screen until a new high score is reached.

To embark on a new scoring round, simply press RESET and then press 1. Join the ranks of adventurers who have tested their skills in Power Lords and strive to defend Volcan Rock from the forces of the Extra-Terrestrial Alliance in this classic Odyssey 2 game.

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