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Philips Videopac 39 Freedom Fighters - Classic Game for Magnavox Odyssey 2

Experience the thrilling adventure of Philips Videopac 39: Freedom Fighters on the Magnavox Odyssey 2.

Pilot the Earth Federation starship, rescue prisoners, and evade the Empire's Pulsar warships in this classic 80s game. Perfect for retro gaming enthusiasts!

Philips Videopac 39 Freedom Fighters

General Information

Developer - Magnavox / Philips

Publisher - Magnavox / Philips

Release - 1982

Platform - Magnavox Odyssey 2

Genre - Action, Shooter

Number of players - 1P / 2P ( Alternate)

Philips Videopac 39 Freedom Fighters

Philips Videopac 39: Freedom Fighters on Magnavox Odyssey 2

Embark on an interstellar mission in Philips Videopac 39: Freedom Fighters, a captivating game on the Magnavox Odyssey 2. Designed by Philips and Magnavox, this game places you in the role of an Earth Federation pilot tasked with rescuing prisoners from orbiting confinement crystals.

Gameplay Overview:

Dual Joystick Control: Navigate your starship with precision using both joysticks. The left joystick manages the conventional space drive, restricting movement within the current screen, while the right joystick activates the hyperspace drive, allowing high-speed, side-scrolling travel.

Laser Cannon: Use the action button on either joystick to fire the ship's laser cannon, crucial for fending off the Empire's Pulsar warships and their drone mines.

Game Modes:

Attack Mode: Engage enemy ships and mines to accumulate points. Destroy enemy ships for 5 points, mines for 1 point, and rescue prisoners for a substantial 20 points.

Evasion Mode: With the laser cannon inactive, your objective is to avoid enemy attacks. Earn points for every prisoner rescued and for evading Pulsar warships.


One or Two Players: Play solo or team up in two-player mode, where the second player acts as a copilot, handling the ship’s hyperspace drive and laser cannon.

Strategic Rescues: Balance offensive and defensive maneuvers to rescue prisoners and avoid disintegration from enemy forces.

Philips Videopac 39: Freedom Fighters offers an immersive retro gaming experience, blending strategic gameplay with action-packed space missions. Whether you're revisiting this classic or discovering it for the first time, it's a thrilling journey into the golden age of video games.

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