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Freedom Fighters! Magnavox Odyssey 2 Game - Rescue Prisoners and Battle Empire's Pulsar Warships

Experience the thrilling gameplay of Freedom Fighters! on the Magnavox Odyssey 2. Pilot your starship, rescue prisoners, and evade attacks from the Empire's Pulsar warships.

Engage in intense action and score points by destroying enemies and saving captives. Play solo or team up with a friend in this captivating game released in 1982.

Freedom Fighters!

General Information

Developer - Philips

Publisher - Brazil by Philips do Brasil Ltda., North American Philips Consumer Electronics Corp.

Release - January 1, 1982

Platform - Magnavox Odyssey 2

Genre - Shooter

Number of players - 1P /2P

Freedom Fighters!

Embark on an exhilarating mission in Freedom Fighters! for the Magnavox Odyssey 2 by Philips, available since January 1, 1982. As a skilled pilot of the Earth Federation, your objective is to rescue prisoners confined within orbiting crystals while dodging relentless attacks from the Empire's Pulsar warships.

Take control of your starship using the dual joysticks. The left-hand joystick commands the conventional space drive system, limiting your movement to the boundaries of each screen. The right-hand joystick unleashes the power of the hyperspace drive system, propelling your ship at high speeds and enabling side-scrolling maneuverability.

Navigate with precision as you soar towards the top or bottom of the screen, propelling your ship in the designated direction. Engage the action button on either joystick to activate your ship's laser cannon, a vital tool for combating the Empire's forces. Beware of the enemy warships that unleash destructive drone mines upon you. Any contact with these formidable threats will disintegrate your ship, ending your mission.

Freedom Fighters! offers two captivating game variations to test your skills. In the attack mode, your laser cannon is fully active, allowing you to score points by destroying enemy ships (worth 5 points) and mines (worth 1 point) while successfully rescuing prisoners (worth 20 points each). Alternatively, in the evasion mode, your laser cannon remains inactive, challenging you to prolong your survival against the relentless Pulsar warships. The longer you evade their attacks, the higher your score climbs. Each rescued prisoner rewards you with an additional 20 points.

Experience the excitement in both single-player and two-player modes. In the two-player mode, team up with a friend who takes on the role of a copilot, assuming control of the ship's hyperspace drive and cannon. Strategize together to outmaneuver the Empire's forces and emerge victorious in your quest for freedom!

Discover the timeless appeal of Freedom Fighters! on the Magnavox Odyssey 2, a true classic in gaming history. Immerse yourself in thrilling space battles, daring rescues, and intense competition as you strive to become the ultimate Freedom Fighter!

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