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Play Electronic Table Soccer! - Tournament Fun on Magnavox Odyssey 2

Experience the excitement of Electronic Table Soccer! on the Magnavox Odyssey 2. Compete against a friend or the computer in a full-size tournament soccer game.

Control the goalkeeper and team members using the hand controls and score points by kicking the ball into the opponent's goal. Released in January 1, 1980, by Ed Averett, Magnavox, and Philips do Brasil Ltda.

Electronic Table Soccer!

General Information

Developer - Ed Averett

Publisher - Magnavox, Philips do Brasil Ltda.

Release - January 1, 1980

Platform - Magnavox Odyssey 2

Genre - Sport

Number of players - 1P /2P

Electronic Table Soccer!

Step onto the virtual soccer field with Electronic Table Soccer! on the Magnavox Odyssey 2. Developed by Ed Averett in collaboration with Magnavox and Philips do Brasil Ltda., this game offers an immersive tournament experience in the world of electronic soccer. Released on January 1, 1980, it provides exciting gameplay and thrilling competition.

In Electronic Table Soccer!, you can choose to play against another player or challenge the computer. To set up the game, simply press 1 on the alpha-numeric keyboard. The screen displays a full-size tournament soccer table, complete with a scoring rack at the bottom. The left-hand control allows you to control the goalkeeper on the left side of the screen, along with other team members wearing the same colors. Similarly, the right-hand control handles the goalkeeper on the right side and the corresponding team members.

You have the option to compete against a friend or let the computer take control of one side. By pressing the action button or moving the joystick on the hand control, you can inform the computer about the number of players in the game. If neither hand control is activated, the computer will play against itself, indicated by a "C" appearing on the scoring rack.

Each joystick is responsible for maneuvering three sets of electronic lightning rods that control the ranks of players. To control the goalkeeper, push the joystick of the left-hand control to the left. When the joystick is centered, it controls the center file of three team members. Moving the joystick to the far right position allows control over the two team members on the right side of the screen. The right hand control follows the reverse pattern.

The ball enters the game from the bottom of the screen, and it stops when it hits a player whose row is under the control of the joystick. To kick the ball, press the action button and simultaneously move the joystick in the desired direction. The ball will rebound off a player whose row is not controlled by the joystick.

Scoring goals is the objective of Electronic Table Soccer! When a goal is scored, a ring slides along the scoring rack at the bottom of the screen. Each goal earns points, with "/" representing 1 point and "X" representing 2 points. The game ends when one of the teams reaches ten points, indicated by "XXXXX" on the scoring rack.

To play again, simply press the RESET key on the alpha-numeric keyboard and then press 1 to start a new match. Immerse yourself in the excitement of Electronic Table Soccer! and compete for victory on the Magnavox Odyssey 2 console.

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