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Conquest of the World on Magnavox Odyssey 2: A Unique Hybrid Game Experience

Discover Conquest of the World on Magnavox Odyssey 2, a groundbreaking hybrid video game/board game that set the console apart.

Engage in strategic gameplay using game cartridges, boards, and pieces. Designed to appeal to a wide range of gamers, including non-traditional players.

Conquest of the World

General Information

Developer - Magnavox

Publisher - Magnavox

Release - 1981

Platform - Magnavox Odyssey 2

Genre - strategy, board game hybrid

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Conquest of the World

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Conquest of the World on Magnavox Odyssey 2, released in 1981 by Magnavox. This remarkable game pushes the boundaries of traditional gaming experiences, delivering a unique fusion of video game and board game elements. Magnavox truly aimed to differentiate their Odyssey² console from the competition, and their Master Strategy Games series achieved just that.

As you embark on your conquest, prepare to be enthralled by the innovative combination of a game cartridge, a game board, game pieces, and even keyboard overlays that seamlessly integrate with the console. The seamless integration of these components creates an immersive gameplay experience that sets Conquest of the World apart from other titles of its time.

Magnavox's vision was to appeal to a diverse range of gamers, and they succeeded in capturing the attention of not only traditional video game enthusiasts but also non-traditional players, including adults. By offering a compelling mix of strategy and interactive gameplay, Conquest of the World breaks new ground and offers a refreshing alternative to the standard gaming fare.

Engage in strategic decision-making as you navigate through the game's intricately designed world, carefully planning your moves and outsmarting your opponents. Conquest of the World challenges your wits and strategic prowess, making every decision crucial to your success. Will you emerge victorious and conquer the world, or will you be outmaneuvered by cunning adversaries?

Experience the thrill of Conquest of the World on Magnavox Odyssey 2, where boundaries between video games and board games blur, and where strategic thinking and innovation converge. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newcomer seeking a fresh gaming experience, this hybrid masterpiece promises endless hours of immersive entertainment. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary conquest like no other.

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