Luna & Monsters Tower Defense by Luna's Tail Creative LLC out now

Play Luna & Monsters Tower Defense, a fun game to increase farm population & strengthen defense towers. Build mana tanks to summon powerful towers

General Information

Developer - Luna's Tail Creative LLC

Publisher - Luna's Tail Creative LLC

Genre - Simulation, Tower Defense, Strategy, 2D Platformer, Fantasy, Cute, Funny

Platform(s) - PC, Steam, Apple, Android

Date Released - 21 Dec, 2022

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Luna & Monsters Tower Defense is a simple tower defense game where you can increase the population on your farm and strengthen defense towers.

Join Luna the black cat in her world-traveling adventures, battling vicious monsters in Luna & Monsters Tower Defense!

In this tower defense game, players produce population and mana to construct four types of defense towers, including bows, cannons, anti-aircraft guns, and barracks. As they progress through the game's 65 stages, players face 11 giant bosses that they can summon to assist them with unique magic.

Additionally, there are many other summoners that support players with powerful magic, including the Unicorn, King Goblin, Master Penguin, King Ogre, and Evil Eye Queen.

The game features four types of attributes: fire, ice, lightning, and wind, with each enemy having its own set of attribute resistances. Players must strategically use spells, including fire, ice, lightning, and summon spells, to defeat their enemies.

Luna & Monsters Tower Defense offers a variety of challenges that players can choose from, including easy, normal, and difficult difficulty levels. With 138 unique achievements and 100 Steam achievements, players can unlock coins to enhance their spells and take on increasingly difficult battles.

Will you be able to help Luna uncover the mystery behind the missing legendary hero and save the world once again?

luna-and-monsters-tower-defense luna-and-monsters-tower-defense

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