Fallback Uprising

Lotus Reverie by Keinart Lobre

A visual novel about the end of the world with a focus on time management.

General Information

Developer - Keinart Lobre

Publisher - Keinart Lobre

Release - 14th January 2021

Platform(s) - Windows, macOS, Linux

Number of Players - 1P

Genre - Visual novel, turn-based strategy

Lotus Reverie is a visual novel focused on time management and social relationships at the end of the world. The game includes an original and optional turn-based strategy minigame where turns occur at the same time.

Your daily life in the castle is defined by your relationships. The better you get to know someone, the more hearts you will unlock with them. Each character has four hearts to unlock, and you will need at least three of them to advance in their story.

Between scenes, you will be able to choose what to do next, but you will be limited by the tension bar. Every day and depending on your actions, the tension bar will increase, and the game will end if it reaches 100%.

Try to learn more about everyone while solving the mysteries of this world before you run out of time.

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