Lone McLonegan by Sonomio Games and Flynn's Arcade

Lone McLonegan is a hilarious, old school point-n-click game that takes us to the far west.

General Information

Developer - Sonomio Games

Publisher - Flynn's Arcade

Genre - Animation & Modeling, Adventure, Point & Click, Visual Novel, Puzzle, Exploration

Platform(s) - PC, Steam, Nintendo Switch

Date Released - 3 Nov, 2021

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You we will meet a lot of peculiar characters and we will need to solve a lot of intrincate and funny puzzles to steal the bank, escape from prison, mix dangerous ingredients, explode things, tell lies, squeeze cactuses, play the banjo, make jokes, and... oh, yes, defeat his archenemy, Bragg Badass and become The Most Wanted Outlaw In The Far West.


An old school adventure

Lone McLonegan is a point-n-click adventure game. Look, pick up and use objects, talk and interact with characters, kick things, carry countless strange inventory items and use them in the most comical way.

Lone, a tough guy

Lone is the classic tough guy... but only on the outside. On the inside he's soft and cowardly. He avoids fights whenever he can and usually gets out of the most convoluted situations by using his wits, and of course your help. In Lone McLonegan you don't just click here and there and solve puzzles, Lone will also talk to you, discuss your decisions, and win you over with his personality.

A game made with love

All the characters are hand-drawn and the scenes maintain that special charm of the old western movies. We have included a ton of pop culture references that will make you laugh out loud and funny anachronisms that make Lone McLonegan a unique game with a tremendous personality that will not leave you indifferent. Help Lone become "The Most Wanted Outlaw In The Wild West"!

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