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Legend of Keepers by Goblinz Studio

You have been hired as a dungeon master by the Dungeons Company. Your job is simple: Protect their dungeons!

General Information

Developer - Goblinz Studio

Publisher - Goblinz Publishing

Release - 29 Apr, 2021

Platform(s) - Nintendow Switch and PC/Steam

Number of Players - Multiplayer

Genre - Turn-Based, Dungeon Crawler, StrategyRPG

In Legend of Keepers it’s your time to shine as monster employee of the month. Keep the company gold safe from the grasping hands of interfering heroes, wiping out as many as you can with a kaleidoscopic array of attacks and traps. Like all the best jobs, Dungeons Company offers great on-the-job training and opportunities for promotion. Monsters in the careers marketplace have never had it so good. That is until you have to negotiate with striking monster colleagues.

New launch features in Legend of Keepers include five additional monsters, ten extra events, traps, champions, a whole new hero class, and two hero-killer game modes: Ascension and Endless. Ascension Mode adds 20 levels of cumulative challenges to really test your monster chops. In Endless Mode, the level cap for monsters and traps is gone, so put your ugly foot down and see how far you can get towards the dungeon horizon.

The new modes are built on the game’s rock solid foundation of lovingly crafted dungeonscapes, abundant building options and sturdy turn-based combat. Nothing’s more satisfying for an aspiring monster than watching heroes evaporate on the deadly end of a well-targeted attack. Give that beast a raise.

Join the Dungeons Company and start bullying heroes today:

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