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Lambs on the road by Flynn's Arcade an Adventure Platformer Game

From the creators of Eternum EX, in collaboration with Gone Mad studio. Lambs on the road is a survival horror story of a father looking for her daughter.

General Information

Developer - Flynn's Arcade

Publisher - Flynn's Arcade

Genre - Action, Adventure, Indie, Violent, Platformer, Action-Adventure


Date Released - 15 Jul, 2021

Social Media

From the creators of Eternum EX and publishers on Switch of What Comes After in collaboration with Gone Mad studio comes LAMBS ON THE ROAD.

A survival horror about a father's journey to find his daughter in a post-apocalyptic world full of dangers.

Society as we know it has ceased to exist. Help John find his little Mary, in a path full of obstacles, monsters and suffering that separate you from your only purpose: to save your child. Try to escape from human despair: hide, run, fight, kill, but always remember... never look back.

Live an indie adventure full of horror and despair, a 2D sidescrolling platformer, with puzzles that will awaken your ingenuity to make our protagonist escape without a scratch from the city.

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