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Experience Thrilling Motocross Racing with Cassette 14 on Interton Video Computer 4000 - Interton Electronic

Get ready for high-speed entertainment with Cassette 14: Motocross!
Experience the thrill of motorcycle racing

Compete against other racers in this exciting 1978 game from Interton Electronic.

Cassette 14 Motocross

General Information

Developer - Interton

Publisher - Interton

Release - 1978

Platform - Interton Video Computer 4000 Game Cart

Genre - Racing

Number of players - 1P / 2P alternating

Cassette 9: Intelligence I

Experience the thrill of motorcross racing with Cassette 14: Motocross! Developed and published by Interton Electronic in 1978, this exciting racing game was released exclusively in Europe on the Interton Video Computer 4000.

Players can choose from multiple levels and compete against the clock and other racers to reach the finish line first. With realistic graphics and challenging gameplay, Cassette 14: Motocross is sure to get your engines revving and provide hours of high-speed entertainment.

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