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Cassette 11: Hippodrome - Experience the Thrill on Interton Video Computer 4000

Experience the thrill of horse racing with Cassette 11 - Hippodrome on Interton Video Computer 4000.

With stunning graphics for its time, and realistic sound effects, choose your horse, place your bets, and become a champion jockey. Suitable for beginners and advanced players with multiple levels of difficulty.

Cassette 9: Intelligence I

General Information

Developer - Interton

Publisher - Interton

Release - 1978

Platform - Interton Video Computer 4000 Game Cart

Genre - Sports

Number of players - 1P / 2P alternating

Cassette 9: Intelligence I

Cassette 11 - Hippodrome is an exciting horse racing game that puts players in the saddle for the ultimate racing experience on the Interton Video Computer 4000.

With stunning graphics for its time and realistic sound effects, players can feel the rush of the track as they race to the finish line.

Choose your horse, place your bets and see if you have what it takes to become a champion jockey. With multiple levels of difficulty, this game is perfect for beginners and advanced players alike. So, get ready to saddle up and take the reins for an unforgettable ride at the Hippodrome!

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