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Cassette 36: Backgammon - A Classic Strategy Game | Interton Electronic

Immerse yourself in the timeless strategy game of Backgammon with Cassette 36. Developed and published by Interton Electronic, this game was released in Europe in 1978 on the Interton Video Computer 4000.

Experience the thrill of strategic gameplay and challenge your friends in this captivating digital rendition.

Cassette 36: Backgammon

General Information

Developer - Interton

Publisher - Interton

Release - December 1, 1983

Platform - Interton Video Computer 4000 Game Cart

Genre - Board Game, Strategy

Number of players - 1/2 (alternating)

Cassette 36: Backgammon

Step into the world of strategic thinking with Cassette 36: Backgammon. Developed and published by Interton Electronic in 1978 for the Interton Video Computer 4000, this classic game offers a captivating experience for players.

Engage in thrilling gameplay, plan your moves carefully, and outsmart your opponents in this timeless strategy game. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to Backgammon, Cassette 36 promises an immersive and challenging gaming experience.

Play solo or challenge your friends to see who can become the ultimate Backgammon champion!

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