Infernax by Berzerk Studio and The Arcade Crew

Infernax follows Alcedor, a famed knight who discovers an unholy magic has spread throughout his land while he was away. Armed with a skull-splitting mace and a trusty shield, Alcedor vows to obliterate the grotesque beasts roaming his home in an epic side-scrolling quest recalling the essence of classically difficult action adventure games

General Information

Developer - Berzerk Studio

Publisher - The Arcade Crew

Genre - Action, Adventure, RPG, Gore, Indie, Metroidvania, Violent

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - February 14, 2022

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Your dashing companion for the upcoming adventure is none other than Alcedor, young Duke of Upel, freshly returned from battle.

Using a revolutionary, or at least it was back in 1988, leveling system, Infernax is an old school adventure platformer game with puzzle elements. It's a whole new innovative style and since nobody has ever done anything of the like, we'll name it ourselves, ARPG, which stands for Awesomely Radical Playing... Game, patent pending.

All kidding aside, we tried to capture the essence of the games that left a mark on our childhoods, the ones who lit up the spark that made us want to make games of our own.

This is a recreation of that experience we had growing up playing obscure NES games, the kind of game that left you with a feeling of accomplishment once you beat it, several months after the initial purchase.

Sadly, the land he has returned to is now a shadow of the home he left. Evil has cast a pall over this once prosperous place, and the people cower in fear of the unspeakable things that now ravage the countryside. This, of course, is most inconvenient. Join Alcedor as he gets knee-deep in problem-solving, to wrest control of these lands back from the forces of darkness.

Alcedor will face horrors beyond the ken of man, and hopefully liquefy them with his trusty mace as he leads a one-man crusade through the forces of the underworld. With secrets to unlock, powerful abilities to learn, and an assortment of spells in his arsenal, he’ll be ready to face whatever lurks in the shadows and truly give em’ hell.

Along the way, his morals will be tested by difficult choices that will shape not only the fate of Upel, but the fate of Alcedor himself, leading to different gameplay paths. The challenge that lies ahead is not for the faint of heart, but Infernax offers both a classic hardcore mode, and a more forgiving (but no less challenging) casual mode, for maximum enjoyment no matter how you play.

infernax infernax infernax
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