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INDUSTRIA by Bleakmill and Headup out now on Steam

INDUSTRIA is a first-person shooter that takes you from East Berlin into a parallel reality, shortly before the end of the Cold War.

General Information

Developer - Bleakmill

Publisher - Headup

Genre - Indie, Action, Adventure, FPS, Female Protagonist, Atmospheric, First-Person

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 30 Sep, 2021

website -

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INDUSTRIA is set in 1989 on the eve of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Playing as a scientist named Nora, you set out to search for your missing friend and lover, leading you into the parallel dimension city of Hakavik, where East Berlin’s brutalist architecture merges with strange technological apparatuses and futuristic robots.

The enigmatic shooter combines the imagery and themes of surrealism and science fiction to create an unforgettable world where the player will be driven forward by a compelling story, a Lynchian ambiance, and intense FPS action sequences as they work to save their missing friend and discover the secrets behind INDUSTRIA’s beguiling setting.


Players will be equipped with four firearms and a melee weapon as they roam a dystopian landscape populated by mechanical monstrosities that reflect the strange state of a city augmented by unrecognisable technology. They must also be mindful of scarce resources should they hope to survive long enough to put together the pieces that will allow them to decode the mystery at the heart of this intriguing tale.


Profound story: Experience a classic story-driven first-person shooter with about 4 hours of gameplay

Tight atmosphere: Dive into a lovingly designed world full of mystery and lynchesque surreality

Deadly danger: Enemies lurk around every corner – defend yourself with 4 different weapons

Unique setting: Berlin at the time of the fall of the wall meets a surreal world of steampunk

Experimental soundtrack: Synthesizer, acoustic instruments and melancholic vocals

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