How it works

The idea is to help you. To prove this you can see what people say about the process just check out the testimonials. We are here to help, and it would be great to add you to our list of happy customers. Below are our numbers rounded down to the nearest thousands.

We help you by promoting and marketing your idea on our website and through our social media. We now have over 17,000 people who follow us across, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The number of impressions and views on our social media and website reach well over 350,000 a month. This number is increasing month to month.

The search engine optimization work we do and translation of your listing into French takes things even further. So when you are ready lets get started!

To join our website it is very easy, and while its not free, there is a small cost about the same price as a cup of coffee.

The platform we use to handle payments is Patreon. Its safe and secure and we do not control your payment contribution this is all over to you and keeps all people in the process safe.