How it works

We are here to help. We do this by promoting and marketing your idea to over 14,000 Social Media Accounts

The number of impressions and views on all our accounts, including the website are over 250,000 a month, this number is increasing month to month.

To join our website it is very easy all we ask is that you support us on Patreon. The reason is that it takes us time to work with you for the best result!

However please do not stress too much the cost is less than a cup of coffee. Join at which ever tier works for you, see the chart below for all the details. If you want to see what people say about the process just check out the testimonials. We are here to help so take your time and any questions feel free to ask. There is a major shopping cart alignment coming in 2019 which we will expand upon when its all in working order. The alignment is with