Hellstuck: Rage With Your Friends - A Co-op Platforming Adventure | Terror Dog Studio

Embark on a punishing journey through Hell in Hellstuck: Rage With Your Friends. Escape the 9 Circles of Hell in this co-op platforming adventure. Challenge friends in up to 10-player multiplayer, but beware – one missed jump can send you tumbling back into the depths. How far can you climb in this precise platformer by Terror Dog Studio?

General Information

Developer - Terror Dog Studio

Publisher - Terror Dog Studio

Genre - Psychological Horror, Difficult, Precision Platformer, Indie, Adventure, Action, Pixel Graphics

Platform(s) - PC (steam)

Date Released - 27 May, 2022

Available On


Get ready to rage with your friends in this co-op precise platforming adventure! You're stuck in Hell. You can only jump upwards and all you have to do is escape … it can't be that hard, right?!

Welcome to Hell

In Hellstuck: Rage With Your Friends, prepare for an infernal adventure like no other. You find yourself trapped in the deepest depths of Hell, faced with the daunting task of ascending through the 9 Circles of Hell to escape. The challenge may seem simple – jump upwards. However, Hell has a way of complicating even the most straightforward tasks.

Precise Platforming Pain:

This punishing platforming game is designed to test your skills, patience, and endurance. Every jump matters as you navigate the treacherous terrain of Hell. A single misstep could result in a catastrophic fall back down the circles, intensifying the challenge. Brace yourself for a journey where each ascent is a triumph and every fall is a reminder of Hell's unforgiving nature.

Challenge Friends in Co-op Madness:

The true essence of Hellstuck comes alive when you gather your friends for a co-op experience like no other. With support for up to 10 players in multiplayer co-op mode, you'll embark on a chaotic yet exhilarating journey together. Collaborate, compete, and witness the hilarity that ensues as you rage against Hell's obstacles. Can you outlast your friends and claim victory over the inferno?

Simple Controls, Complex Challenge:

The controls may be simple – left, right, jump, alt, and F4 – but don't be fooled. The simplicity enhances the challenge, demanding precision and skill in every move. Hellstuck is a game where mastery of basic controls is your ticket to salvation. Will you conquer Hell or succumb to its fiery depths?

Rage Together or Alone:

Whether you choose to face Hell's challenges with a group of friends or brave the journey alone, Hellstuck offers an intense and rewarding experience. Test your limits, conquer your rage, and strive for the ultimate goal – escape. The choice is yours, but remember, in Hell, the only way is up.

Hell Awaits - Can You Escape?

The question echoes as you face the relentless climb through Hell. Hellstuck: Rage With Your Friends is not just a game; it's a test of skill, camaraderie, and resilience. Get ready to rage, jump, and ascend. Can you conquer Hell and emerge victorious? Play now and find out. Hell awaits, adventurer!

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