Goblins of Elderstone by Outerdawn out now on Steam

Goblins of Elderstone brings a unique and chaotic twist to the city-building genre — it’s a Goblin Tribe Simulator! Nurture your tiny clan as it grows to stand against the other races and even the gods. Rule over the chaos and feed the growing goblin war machine by raiding dungeons and villages.

General Information

Developer - Outerdawn

Publisher - Outerdawn

Genre - Colony Sim, God Game, City Builder, Survival, Simulation, Resource Management, Crafting

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 9 Jan, 2018

Website - https://www.outerdawn.com/games/goblins

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Goblins of Elderstone is a unique take on a city-building game with a far more chaotic, goblin-fuelled survival, RPG approach to the genre.

In addition to gathering resources and crafting buildings, the Diplomacy update allows you to navigate relationships with neighboring factions and other ruling races.

Boost your trek chances by becoming enemies or allies with each settlement leader, actively gifting and complimenting fellow rulers, or insulting and requesting favors from them. But tread carefully in your political relationships.

Allies will trade more favorably with you and be more responsive to faith pilgrimages, while enemies may send raiding warbands to your village. Orc, Elven, Human and Dwarven raider units have been added to the game, so upsetting the wrong leader(s) before you are strong enough may expose yourself to devastating attacks.

In Goblins of Elderstone, the choice is yours. You can use your wisdom and industrious nature to create a trade empire. You can be the divine chosen one and lead your tribe to glory through the power of your faith in the gods. You can be a conqueror and show the world the might of your goblin forces. This is your tribe, and it is whatever you make it!

Free-form city building - Goblins don’t much like orderly straight lines, so there’s absolutely no way they’ll use a grid when building. They are rebellious, but creative. As a result, buildings go up wherever desired, but neat little pathways and bridges will always be built alongside them to ensure they’re properly connected.

Large resource and crafting tree - With over 30 different resources that can be gathered, crafted, traded, or stolen, your goblins will always have plenty of work to do. As a result, it’s worthwhile to invest in a few Enforcers to ensure they keep at it!

Clan, World, and Divine politics - Use a combination of fast-talking, gift-giving, violence, and just the right amount of threats to keep your clans in line. Failure to do so will likely result in a fair amount of murder and potentially the destruction of your entire village. However, diplomacy doesn’t stop there. Other races, and even the gods, can be convinced to do your bidding.

War, Trade, or Faith - Whether you choose to trade in violence, commerce, religion, or a combination thereof, the world will be shaped by your actions in some way or another.

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