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Gas Station Simulator by DRAGO entertainment Out now on Steam

Starting a business in the middle of nowhere? With just a little elbow grease, that can be more lucrative than you'd think. Kick-off your own desert enterprise.

General Information

Developer - DRAGO entertainment

Publisher - Movie Games S.A., HeartBeat Games

Genre - Simulation, Indie, Building, Economy, Realistic, Base Building, Open World

Platform(s) - Steam, Consoles in 2022

Date Released - 15 Sep, 2021

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Will this be your American Dream? With Gas Station Simulator, you can live up to the great American Dream of having your own business and making a fortune

The gas station you purchased is very specific, not only for the region where it is located. It is a very specific type of a gas station, perhaps the only such one left in the entire wide world

The old rural station will resonate with history and its various aspects. You can freshen up the coat of paint, but the history of your station will never disappear as long as it stands. Through old architecture and many more, a certain old spirit not seen anywhere else fills up the entire area of your land

Isn't the American Dream all about freedom, fortune and success? All these things can be obtained at your station with but a little effort.

You are free to do whatever you want on your land! You can make fortune out of selling gas and products at your station! And success? Well, that is enterily up to you how you manage your business!


Renovate, run and upgrade your gas station in the desert.

Create new services such as workshop, store, warehouse.

Try to arrange everything yourself or hire staff to help.

Interesting events outside of normal gameplay.

Lots of customization and decoration options.

Lots of different customers with different needs and expectations.

Lots of management options to immerse yourself in.

Verify the price curve of your products.

Test your skills in many challenges.

Relax and beat your records in engaging mini-games.

Compare your scores on the online leaderboards.

Increase the popularity of your station.

gas-station-simulator gas-station-simulator
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