Entex Gameroom Tele-Pong is a video game console

General Information

Developer - Entex Industries

Publisher - Entex Industries

Release - 1976

Platform - Gameroon tele pong

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Entex Gameroom Tele-Pong
Entex Gameroom Tele-Pong

It was released in 1976. The Tele-Pong was in black and white. The score was built in the console.

The controllers: two knobs for each player, integrated into the plastic case. One for vertical movements and the other for horizontal movements. Two other knobs at the top of the case are used to set V-Hold and H-Hold values of the display. Another control (dial or push button) seems to be used to choose between channel 26 or 31 on the TV.

It does not have sound and there is a switch on the right hand to switch between 2 player or 1 player with computer. In this case, the computer is almost impossible to beat!

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