Flashlight - Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in a Multiplayer Mercenary Battle

Join the intense battle for survival in Flashlight, a multiplayer game set in the zombie apocalypse. Choose between PvP and PvE Co-op modes, team up with friends, and explore procedurally generated levels. Uncover the secrets of the infection, customize your mercenary, and dominate in competitive gameplay. Are you ready to fight the undead and rival factions?

General Information

Developer - SouthWater Games

Publisher - SouthWater Games

Genre -Top-Down Shooter, Roguelite, Action Roguelike, Co-op, Difficult, Action, Shoot 'Em Up

Platform(s) - PC ( Steam )

Date Released - 26 Oct, 2021

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Salvage scrap, build defenses, and rank-up to survive against the hordes of zombies and enemy mercenaries in an action packed looter shooter roguelite survival or fight head to head with other players in Capture the Flag and Team Death Match.

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of Flashlight, where lines have been drawn and groups have formed to survive the zombie outbreak.

Join one of four mercenary groups vying for resources and answers in this intense multiplayer game. Flashlight combines the thrill of PvP and PvE Co-op modes, allowing you to compete head-to-head or cooperate with friends.

In the cooperative story mode, embark on a journey with up to 4 players, battling hordes of zombies and enemy mercenaries across procedurally generated terrain. Uncover the secrets of the infection and rank up along the way, unlocking unique perks that shape your gameplay style. Watch out for traps, encounter massive hordes, and discover equipment mods to enhance your abilities. With its rogue-lite elements, be prepared for challenging gameplay and multiple playthroughs to conquer the game.

If competitive action is your preference, join rooms of up to 12 players in intense PvP matches. Engage in thrilling Capture the Flag or Team Deathmatch modes across 10 different maps. Show your skills as you strive to capture flags or achieve the highest kill count. More game modes and maps are planned for future updates, ensuring endless excitement.

Flashlight offers an array of features to enhance your survival experience. Arm yourself with devastating weapons and throwables to fend off rival mercenary groups and the undead. Team up with friends to tackle endless hordes of hungry zombies, coordinating your strategies and combining firepower. Customize your mercenary with perks, tech upgrades, and equipment mods to create a unique playstyle. Salvage scrap to build defenses and turrets, fortifying your position against the infected. Test your courage against horrific bosses, gaining advantages for your faction's mission.

The game's procedurally generated maps provide ever-changing terrain and war zones, offering infinite replayability. Engage in balanced PvP matches on handcrafted maps, ensuring exciting deathmatches and capture the flag skirmishes.

Flashlight is a game designed for gamers who enjoy fast-paced shooting and strategic gameplay in a world filled with zombies and mercenaries. Whether you're a competitive gamer seeking a fresh experience or a fan of rogue-lite games, Flashlight offers an addictive and challenging adventure. With its simple yet masterful gameplay, it will keep you engaged for hours.

Join the fight for survival and dominate the zombie apocalypse in Flashlight. Gather your friends, forge your destiny, and face the relentless challenges that await you in this unforgiving world.

Get ready to shine your light!

flashlight flashlight flashlight

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