Fish Tanks by SockMonkey Studios Based in Middlesbrough, UK

Fish Tanks is an original game from SockMonkey Studios. The most accurate Fish life sim around.

General Information

Developer - SockMonkey Studios

Publisher - SockMonkey Studios

Release - 2021

Platform(s) - Steam

Number of Players - Multiplayer

Genre - Casual, Arena Shooter, Top-Down Shooter, PvP

No death, just good old fish tanking fun! Fish Tanks is a hectic fighting game where you’re sure to feel like a fish out of water... because you’ll be a fish in a tank... Battle it out with friends with whacky weapons in even whackier arenas in a bid to collect as many starfish as you can before time runs out! Use powerups to gain the upper fin and destroy your friends' tank and steal their starfish.

Unique, themed battle arenas
A roster of terrifying(ly adorable) aquatic contenders to choose from
Merciless power-ups
Play with up to three of you (former) best friends

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