First Dwarf Game: Epic Fantasy RPG with Base Building & Mech Combat

Join the adventure in First Dwarf, an immersive action RPG by Star Drifters and 4Divinity. Pilot your mech, build colonies, and explore a crumbled fantasy world. Will you survive its dangers?

General Information

Developer - Star Drifters

Publisher - Star Drifters, 4Divinity

Genre - Early Access, Action, RPG, Adventure, Dwarf, Open World, Survival

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 19 Jun, 2024

Dive into the thrilling world of First Dwarf by Star Drifters and 4Divinity!

In this immersive action RPG, you’ll pilot your mech, build and defend your base, and explore a fantastical realm filled with danger and adventure.

As a dwarf, your engineering prowess is your greatest weapon. Will you conquer the challenges that await in this crumbled fantasy world? Join us on this epic journey and find out if you have what it takes to survive and thrive!

First Dwarf is an immersive action RPG developed by Star Drifters and 4Divinity.

Set in a crumbled fantasy world, it combines colony survival, base building, and tower defense mechanics to test your survival and exploration skills in an open world of floating islands.

Game Features:

Control Dwarf Tru: Pilot the powerful mech and fly with Ragna the Dragon, each character offering unique skills and upgrades.

Build and Optimize Colonies: Construct, optimize, and maintain your colonies while managing resources and defending against threats.

Upgrade and Craft: Discover new structures, technologies, tools, and weapons to enhance your gameplay.

Engage in Combat: Fight Tainted enemies through close combat and strategic turret and wall defenses, preparing for monster waves and natural disasters.

Heal or Purge: Decide whether to heal Tainted animals or purge them from the island.

Unveil Secrets: Discover the hidden truths of Driftland and learn about Tru’s father’s past.

Co-op Mode: Play alone or with a friend in co-op assist mode.

The Story:

Planet Driftland has been shattered by a mage war, leaving floating islands and barbaric tribes. The dwarves, the last remnants of a great civilization, are running out of resources.

In a desperate attempt to save their future, they send the First Dwarf on a mission to the celestial islands. When he goes missing, Tru, the new First Dwarf, takes on the challenge. Accompanied by Ragna, a scholar dragon, Tru must find new lands, restore his father’s honor, and carry on his legacy.


As Tru, you will pilot the First Dwarf mech, a powerful machine essential for survival and exploration. Prepare the new land by clearing monsters, drying soil, and curing water sources.

Gain respect and bring in other Clan guilds through various challenges. Fortify and expand your colonies with diverse structures and buildings. Defend against numerous enemies, natural disasters, and harsh weather events. Help beautiful animals in need and uncover ancient secrets.

Exploration and Combat:

Explore uncharted floating islands with your mech or Ragna the dragon. Develop new gadgets, weapons, and structures. Travel quickly between colonies in your own airship.

Upgrade your armor and skills, master the action-oriented combat system, and craft cosmetic blueprints for your mech and ship to express your creativity.

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