Fallback Uprising

Fallback Uprising now on steam by Endroad and Microids

After a terrifying cataclysmic event, humanity retreated to the safety of an enormous underground bunker.

General Information

Developer - Endroad

Publisher - Endroad, Microids

Release - 11 Oct, 2019

Platform(s) - Steam

Number of Players - 1

Genre - Action Roguelike, 2D Platformer, Perma Death

The last survivors exiled themselves in a massive city called “Eden”. But a group of rebels is now determined to escape this underground world and bring life back to the surface, abandoned for generations.

In this epic rogue-like, players take control of the rebellion to face dreadful and fierce custodians! Aggressive robots of all kinds as well as guardians without an ounce of humanity: your journey will be full of obstacles. The mysterious Vesta Corporation will not let you get away so easily… By collecting and combining ancient artifacts, you will be able to increase your power in the hope to reach the surface to save mankind. Or at least what’s left of it.

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