Essays on Empathy by Deconstructeam and Devolver Digital

Essays on Empathy is a curated compilation of Deconstructeam 's best efforts in seeking new narrative experiences in games.

General Information

Developer - Deconstructeam

Publisher - Devolver Digital

Release - 18 May, 2021

Platform(s) - Steam, PC

Number of Players - Single Player

Genre - Casual, RPG, Adventure, Interactive, Fiction, Point & Click, Puzzle, Visual Novel, Typing, 2D

Inhabit the lives of a diverse cast of characters from all walks of life in bite-sized, innovative, interactive stories; from a hitman working at a flower shop, to a schoolgirl who is convinced her skeleton isn't hers.

Explore 10 unique, offbeat tales including " De Tres al Cuarto ," a brand new short experience exclusive to the compilation about a couple of two-bit comedians trying to make it big.

Ten Short Games About Life: Step into the shoes of a richly imagined cast of characters over 5 hours of vivid and varied gameplay.
Premium Collector's Bonus Content: Soak up Deconstructeam's acclaimed artistry through sketches, design insights and a new mini documentary created specially for this collection.
Sounds Of Sympathy: Features more than 2 hours of original music by Paula Ruiz, aka fingerspit.

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