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Elteria Adventures Developed by Elteria Team Published by Heatherglade

Elteria Adventures is a free to play massive online sandbox RPG

General Information

Developer - Elteria Team

Publisher - Heatherglade

Date Released - 2020

Website - https://elteria.game

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Welcome to the floating islands of Elteria!

Elteria Adventures is a free to play massive online sandbox RPG set in a vibrant and fully destructible voxel world. Explore the exotic biomes full of cute, but deadly creatures and fight them with your world-altering powers. Make your way through countless dangers, find ancient treasures and unearth rare materials to build your own dream castle in this perilous land!


  • Create and destroy! The world of Elteria is fully changeable. You can break it, you can build it. Use your powers to create castles and bridges. Dig deep to uncover secret caverns. Level a mountain. In combat you can create cunning traps for your enemies or punch them through walls!
  • Polymorph into a Mooncat! Elteria is full of impossibly cute and magical creatures like Boarmelons, Tentacles, Crystal Llamas, dreadful groundwalking Ground Sharks, and many others. If you manage to capture their souls, you will be able to use their abilities and even use Polymorph spell to assume their forms and abilities.
  • Jump on clouds! The land of Elteria was torn apart in mysterious cataclysm, so watch your step! You’ll have to find creative ways to jump, glide and fly your way around the floating islands. Hop on the jumper mushroom and see where it gets you (probably right to your doom).
  • Choose your Calling Different classes (Callings) each offer a unique playstyle. Will you blow things up as a Demolisher or create stone walls out of thin air as an Architect? Kick the monster snouts as a Fighter or control them as a Summoner? We have no idea what Trickster is up to, but it’s surely no good. Oh, and you can change your calling .

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