Dreadlands by Blackfox Studios and Fatshark now on Steam

Welcome to Dreadlands! A perilous landscape brimming with potential in the form of Glow. Command one of 3 unique factions in this turn-based tactical RPG and play through their campaigns, be it solo or Co-Op, or battle it out in PvP. So far no one has tamed the Dreadlands. Will you be the first?

General Information

Developer - Blackfox Studios

Publisher - Fatshark

Genre - Strategy, RPG, Adventure, Turn-Based Tactics, Post-apocalyptic, Tactical, Turn-Based Combat

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 10 Mar, 2020

Website - http://playdreadlands.com

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Welcome to the vivid, vibrant, and violent post-apocalypse. The Dreadlands await!

Dreadlands is a shared world, turn-based tactical, skirmish game set in an unforgiving environment where life and death revolves around the constant struggle for Glow, a resource as valuable as it's enigmatic.

Explore the wondrously diverse regions of the Dreadlands, overcoming the wealth of challenges provided by the treacherous terrain, voracious Beastlife and trigger happy locals.

Choose a Faction

Create your gang from any of the three rival factions inhabiting Dreadlands.The Scrappers, the Tribe-kin, and the Skarbacks.

40+ Hours of story content

All playable Gang Factions have their own Story campaign. The storyline will introduce the player to the faction’s worldview, mentality, culture and of course, current problems that have to be dealt with.

Once the Gang Faction campaign is completed, the Main Story campaign will be unlocked. The Main Campaign will thrust the player deeper into the lore, intrigue and many entities vying for power, or merely survival, in the Dreadlands.

Tactics card system

Use the unique Tactics powers and combine them in exciting ways. Play your cards right and you can control the flow of battle itself!

Free Action Point system

Freely move, attack and use abilities any way you want. Move and shoot? Shoot and move? Shoot twice? It's up to you to decide how to best use your Action Points!

Morale system

Engage in the tug-of-war Morale system that allows you to break the hearts & minds of your enemies. In the Dreadlands there is more to battle than just killing!

XP challenges system

Get more direct control over your gangs XP flow by completing in-match challenges for increased XP and award your personal MVP with even more XP. Your own skill translates to more XP!

Endless Dungeon

Fight against increasingly more difficult enemies and Bosses in pursuit of Glow, Dreadlands rare resource in the Endless Dungeon. Keep an eye out for the mad glow merchant and their rare wares!

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