Dolmenjord - Viking Islands by Mens Sana Interactive and Allan Postal

Arrange Viking villages in the islands to expand their domains, in this logic puzzle game! After years of battles, a group of Vikings decided to conquer new lands

General Information

Developer - Mens Sana Interactive, Allan Postal

Publisher - Mens Sana Interactive

Genre - Puzzle, Logic, Strategy, City Builder, Vikings, Board Game

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 17 Nov, 2022

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Under the protection of the god Njord, a new clan sets out in search of glory!

After many years of battles, a group of vikings decided it was time to conquer new lands.

With the protection of the god Njord, a new clan specialized in navigation sets off in search of glory!

Dolmenjord is a game inspired by Norse mythology, where Vikings need help to organize their buildings and villages and thus solve the puzzles and dominate new lands.

Set up each village according to the rules:

Place all the available houses and walkway pieces.

Every house must face the walkway.

The completed walkway must give access to the port.

Relaxing atmosphere and effects typical of Nordic culture.

Great for Nordic culture fans who just want to take it easy.

60 levels made for your fun and brain stimulation.

04 different climates.

The puzzles are simple in the early islands, but it gets challenging as you advance in the exploration. If you prefer a more relaxing journey, that's fine!

Whenever you want, you can enable the Casual Mode in the Options Menu. A tip button will be available. When clicked, it shows a suggested shape for the walkway.

dolmenjord dolmenjord
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